About us

AIM Capital Management, Ltd. (AIM Capital) is an investment partnership dedicated to helping high growth businesses across Indochina reach their full potential. Our many years of expertise within this exciting part of the world gives us a unique insight into the opportunities available for companies looking to take their businesses to new and greater heights.

The AIM Capital Edge

AIM Capital was established with the view that we could help businesses across Indochina most directly by applying our business expertise in combination with “intelligent capital.” Our history in this region – spanning 20 years – means that we understand the unique challenges that companies face as they rapidly expand to take advantage of the area’s growth potential. We seek to work in partnership with our portfolio companies to provide the financial solutions that are most suitable, as well as provide strategic advice and services tailored to fit each company.

Our purpose is to be a value-adding partner to companies in high-growth industries, including (but not limited to): consumer goods, industrial and commercial consumables, financial services, agribusiness, household products, trade and distribution, infrastructure, e-commerce, education, healthcare and tourism and hospitality.

Experience Investing Worldwide

Our team has decades of experience in managing capital across both global and local financial markets; a deep knowledge and relationship base across Asia; a well-proven skill set in financial and risk management; and a demonstrated capability to structure and execute complex financing transactions for our clients.

Expertise in Indochina

With nearly two decades of experience supporting and building businesses in Vietnam and Cambodia, our team understands the local business environment. We have a sharp eye for compelling opportunities for growth and investment. We have the operational and management know-how to support our local partners.